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Deep Bed Media Filtration

Deep Bed Media Filtration operates in a downward direction of flow. During service mode the raw water enters at the top of the filter vessel , travels through the media filter bed and is drawn off through the bottom distributors to the discharge point. Ideal for gravity feed applications, media filtration systems are easily cleaned by back-washing.

Media Filtration as a Water Treatment Technology

An ideal solution for the removal of chlorine, sediment, turbidity, suspended solids, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and pH correction.

Primary Media Filtration Components

A media filtration system includes a pressure vessel, media, riser pipe and back-washable distribution valve.

Challenges treated by Media Filtration

Media Filters are often used when there are high levels of contamination in the water, minimizing the need for replacement filter cartridges and bags.

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Media Filtration Systems

The most common type of water filtration is Media Filtration. Filter Media Systems contain a series of Filter Media Vessels which contain multi-layers of media, with each layer progressively sized in layer depth and coarseness; with the most coarse, most dense media (typically gravel) at the bottom of the filter media vessel, and the finder, lighter filter media at the top.