3 Stage Big Blue with UV – Water filter system for home – 20″x4.5″- Stand Included

The 3 Stage Big Blue with UV is a popular water filter system for home. Commonly used in hotels, reverse osmosis treatment, pharmaceuticals and commercial applications to improve the quality of the drinking water. Arranged sequentially according to water quality, the 3 stage blue water filter system for home boasts the following features:

  • PP Melt blown filter cartridges (10um-5um) for the removal of sediment, silt and dirt from drinking water, as low as 5 Microns.
  • Carbon Block Filter Cartridge for the removal of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, smells and tastes from water.
  • Easily connected to mains water supply
  • ISO Standard Design, replaceable water filter cartridges are compatible with market
  • 4″ Diameter filter cartridges for better surface contact area
  • 20″ length x 4″ Diameter (3 Stage Big Blue)
  • 1″ Female Threaded Ports
  • Flow Rate : 2650L/Hour

The whole house 3 stage Big Blue water filter for home has a diverse foot stand and wall mounted, mild steel, epoxy coated frame.

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