Domestic Reverse Osmosis

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Here are the 5 Stages of an under-counter Domestic Reverse Osmosis System for home use. This system will deliver exceptional quality drinking water for you and your family, in addition you will enjoy improved health and better tasting water.

STAGE 1: Removing silt, sediment, dirt and sand
5 micron melt blown sediment filter cartridge (available in 10/20″) – Pure polypropylene (PP) micro-fibres.

STAGE 2: Reducing chlorine, organic compounds, bad tastes and odours
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter cartridge 10″ or 20″ – Coconut shell activated carbon granules.

STAGE 3: Reducing sediment, silt, rust, chlorine, organic compounds, bad tastes and odours 
Carbon Block CTO Filter Cartridge 10″ or 20″, manufactured from coconut shell activated carbon in a “block” type construction. After this stage, stage 4 takes place.

STAGE 4: Removing dissolved solids and micro-organisms
There are a lot of contaminants in municipal water. However, the Reverse Osmosis Membrane element to remove up to 99% of dissolved solids and micro-organisms found in tap water. High rejection domestic type membrane, designed for domestic drinking water applications. Finally, the water filter system completes stage 5.

STAGE 5: Inline post RO Carbon Filter is designed to give a final conditioning of the RO permeate water, for instance, this conditioning will ensure the ultimate quality drinking water from your domestic RO system.

Above all, the Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems delivers clean, healthy drinking water for you and your family.