Automatic Filter Valves

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Runxin Automatic Water Filter Valves, adopt hermetic head faces with great corrosion resistance abilities, they can be programmed to drive the motor from the control valves core, the automatic filter valve works with a time signal and flow volume signal to backwash and rinse.

The automatic filter valve from Runxin is installed on the top of an FRP filter media vessel, making for simple operation.

– LED Screen Display
– 72 Hours Power Outage Memory
– You can set the rinsing frequency
– Two kinds of time clock displays: by hours or by days
– Keys are locked when there is no input for 1 minute
– Has interlocking functions
– Has signal output connections
– Has a remote handling input connection
– Pressure relief connector ready
– All filtration functions can be programmed according to the requirements

Automatic Filter Valves are suitable for a broad range of water treatment applications such as domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.