Riser Pipes & Strainers

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A riser pipe connects the top and bottom distributors to a filter valve within a pressure filter media vessel, allowing the treated water to flow to the top or bottom of the riser pipe, depending on the service mode in action.

Top and bottom strainers or distributors are designed for media water filtration applications, they are used in conjunction with water softener or filter valves. Standard slot sizes on the top and bottom distributors are 0.010-0.013. Top distributor strainers are designed for use with 6″- 24″diameter FRP Media Vessels with a 2.5″-4″ top opening port.

Bottom strainers are designed to accommodate for a number of different size riser pipes which could be solvent welded or threaded and screwed into the distributors and extended to the bottom of the filter media vessel. Bottom distributors serve as a mesh, allowing for particle sizes smaller than the water filter medium to pass through.